• Z-Sensor

Z Sensor

Z-sensors are fitted with the best-in-class latest microcontroller specifically designed by NXP for TPMS applications. They are 100% compatible with all current autolocation technologies: WAL, PAL, LOS, SAL, WASP and are a leader in vehicle coverage. Virtually all vehicles fitted with direct TPMS are currently covered.

Z-sensors are programmable with all ATEQ TPMS tools, one of the best in the European market and are among the fastest-programming TPMS sensors thanks to its dual coil technology.

For further information, check out the Clamp-in and Snap-in options available below.

You can also checkout the latest OZ Sensor 'X' Truck TPMS system brochure which is coming soon.

Download OZ-Sensor 'X' Brochure

Z Sensor
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