• Oz Charge


OzCharge has been developing world-leading battery chargers and automotive accessories for over 17 Years and we understand how critical battery performance is.
It was in 2001 we began the development of automotive battery chargers and maintainers. After 4 years of development and testing the OzCharge battery charger and maintainer was released. An easy-to-use solution to combat rapidly deteriorating batteries that the everyday user could use. A solution that would allow the consumer to avoid needing to purchase an expensive new battery or risk damaging their current battery by charging it incorrectly.
Our chargers and maintainers became extremely popular due to the exceptional build quality and ease of use, transitioning OzCharge into one of our leading brands. Using an OzCharge battery charger will provide you ultimate peace of mind that your battery performs today, tomorrow and in the future.
For the full range of OzCharge products including chargers, jump starters, batteries and accessories, please visit our website www.ozcharge.com.au.

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