Clamp-In Z Sensor 2.0 - Aluminium Valve (Grey) Dual Band 315/433Mhz

Model: Z-S2G
Barcode: 9335577005099
Brand: Z-Sensor
Category: TPMS

Our Z-Sensor 2.0 model is the culmination of our expertise, equipped with state-of-the-art microcontrollers and built to meet OE quality standards. When it comes to compatibility, our sensors leave no stone unturned. They support all current autolocation technologies such as WAL, PAL, LOS, SAL, WASP, making them unrivaled in the market. You can rely on our comprehensive coverage, which extends to nearly all vehicles with direct TPMS, covering over 99% of the market in Europe, USA & Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

What sets Z-Sensors 2.0 apart from the rest is their exceptional speed in programming, optimized LF programming functionality, and seamless compatibility with ATEQ TPMS tools. We have engineered our sensors to work effortlessly with these top-tier tools, ensuring an unparalleled user experience

  • Frequency: 433Mhz
  • Operating Temperature: -40 [C] to +125 [C]
  • Storage Temperature: -40 [C] to +125 [C]
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 900 [kPa] 130 [PSI]
  • Screw Torque: 1.0 [Nm] (Max. 1.5 [Nm])
  • Nut Torque: 4.0 [Nm] (Max. 4.6 [Nm])
  • Valve Stem: Aluminium [grey]
  • Sensor Body Weight: 10.5 [g] (without valve/screw)
  • Valve / Screw Weight: 12.7 [g]
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    * Product Specifications subject to change without notice.