OzCam 12V/24V hardwired Cable Accessory kit

Model: OZC-121ACC
Barcode: 9335577004726
Brand: OzCam
Category: Dash Cams
Website: n/a

The OZC-121ACC Hardwire kit is an optional accessory for the OZC-121F Dash Camera and is used for hardwire connection instead of the 12-24Vdc outlet of your vehicle which also enables the support of the Parking Mode function and low car battery protection circuitry.

1. Connect the red wire to the constant +12V/24V.
2. Connect the black wire to GND (Chassis)
3. Connect the yellow wire to the IGN/ACC power supply.

Selectable Low Voltage Cut Off Switch For 12V vehicles, 11.8V, 12.0V, 12.2V, 12.4V For 24V vehicles, 23.6V, 24.0V, 24.4V, 24.8V.
To protect your vehicles battery and to prevent your vehicles battery from going flat the device will shut off once the battery voltage drops below the selected voltage. So Parking mode will not work once the battery voltage drops below this set voltage.

* Product Specifications subject to change without notice.