iFit Vue Black/Blue

Model: IFACT115
Barcode: 7434589848
Brand: iFit
Category: Consumer Accessories
Website: n/a

We get it. Fitness can be hard. Luckily, the iFit Vue will give you a whole new perspective. As it celebrates your achievements, you'll feel inspired to keep going. It'll transform your seemingly small actions into huge milestones, giving you a brighter outlook on your own, unique journey. We've incorporated more than flashing lights and pushy buttons on the Vue. With a bright OLED display and touchscreen technology, you can quickly view your stats for steps, distance, and calories at the touch of a finger.

Real-time reminders

The Vue sends you quick and friendly messages, reminding you when to move or when it's time to wake up. You'll feel a gentle vibration and with a quick glance at your wrist, you'll be motivated to stay on track.

Get the app

The Vue works seamlessly with the iFit app, creating an experience that makes health and fitness fun. All of your stats and data sync immediately, so you're able to constantly track your progress.

Log nutrition

Enter your meals, snacks, and drinks from an expansive food library or use the built-in barcode scanner.

Set goals

Set specific goals, get notified when you achieve those goals, and then relish your success.

Get details

Access in-depth details of your day and view easy-to-read charts of your activity.

* Product Specifications subject to change without notice.