Livall White Road Bike helmet with Safety Lights, Bluetooth & Speakers Inc. BJ100 Bling Jet control

Model: BH60SE (White)
Brand: Livall
Category: Safety Devices
Website: n/a

Safety is one of the most important things in life, and when you ride a bike it should be your primary consideration. A helmet is an essential part of your gear. Stay safe and keep in touch with your friends while you're cruising on two wheels with this feature-packed Livall BH60SE Bling helmet. Whether you're a serious rider after an extra layer of safety, or a social cyclist wanting to snap in-ride pics and chat on the go, BH60SE Bling has you covered.

  • LED Lighting System: illuminates the helmet with 8 LEDs and 6 LED turning signals that safely replaces traditional hand signals.
  • Walkie-Talkie function: communicates with other cyclists using a Bling helmet.
  • Built-in Gravity Sensor: detects emergencies and activates emergency SOS calls.
  • Bling Jet Remote Control: easily installs on the bike's handle bars to connect to phone and helmet
  • LIVALL Riding App: analyzes ride, measures cadence, speed, (and more), takes photos and videos. Shares ride info on social media platforms. App works with other wearables devices.
  • Use phone safely: makes/takes calls with wind-cancelling mic. Converts text messages to voice.
  • Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker for hands-free music: listen to music safely while cycling.

    Bluetooth| BLE4.0+ HFP/HSP/A2DP
    Bluetooth Distance| Max. 10m if no blocks
    Speaker Stereo| 2X0.5W
    MIC| -39dB microphone
    Tail Lights| 8 full-color LED taillights with 3 left-turn/right-turn signal lights
    Buttons| Three Buttons, start up (play,pause,power off), volume + (next song), volume - (previous song)
    Charging Port| Micro USB
    Electrical Parameter| DC 5V/0.5A
    Battery Capacity| 3.7V/380mAH(1.4WH)
    Charging Time| Approx. 1.5hrs
    Battery Life| Max.10hrs(MAX)
    Standby Duration| Max.180days
    Product Size| 280x220x150mm
    Product Weight| 319g(+/-5%)
    Product Size| Head circumference 54-62cm

  • * Product Specifications subject to change without notice.