4 Wheel TPMS Wireless Retrofit Kit For Passenger Car and Light Truck (SCHRADER TPMS)

Model: SCH-BRK-4PC
Barcode: 651001214967
Brand: Schrader
Category: TPMS
Website: www.tpms.com.au

Schrader offers a TPMS retrofit kit for use on passenger cars and light trucks that are not equipped with a factory installed TPMS system. The kit features the patented Schrader rubber snap-in valve technology along with Schrader's proven OEM sensor design.

  • Kit includes 4 rubber valve snap-in style TPMS sensors, a battery operated dash mounted LCD display receiver with mounting installation and setup instructions
  • Continuously monitors air pressure and temperature in each tire
  • Alerts the driver when tire pressure or temperature exceeds the set limits
  • Rubber snap-in style valve stems for easy installation with fitment on most vehicles with 0.453 inch rim holes
  • Proper tire inflation improves fuel economy and tire wear as well as braking and stopping distances while reducing the risk of hydroplaning

    * Product Specifications subject to change without notice.