iPhone / Android Tyre Pressure & Temperature Monitor (TYREDOG TPMS)

Model: TD-5600A-X4
Barcode: 9335577003248
Brand: Tyredog
Category: TPMS
Website: www.tyredog.com.au

TYREDOG TD-5600A-X 4 Wheel Car / 4WD / 4x4 iPhone and Android Compatible Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitor can be easily installed with ease and within minutes.(D.I.Y)

Download the FREE TYREDOG (TireHawk) Tyre Pressure Monitoring App and try it out. Available on Google Play and the App Store

Recommended Use: Car, Vans, 4WD, 4x4 Only (Monitor up to 60 PSI) - This should not be used on a Trailer, Caravan or Towing Application.

How it works
Firstly you'll need to download the FREE iPhone or Android Tyre Pressure Monitor App. Once the App is installed on your device, insert the batteries into the sensor. The wireless tyre monitor sensors can then be fitted to the wheels valve stem. Simply replace the valve cap with a wireless sensor and fit the supplied SecureFit ring to ensure the sensor is securely fastened. This SecureFit ring can also act as a theft deterrent.
Once the Sensors are fitted you will then need to connect the Wi-Fi module to power using the Cigarette lighter adaptor / usb cable supplied.
Once the vehicles Accessories / Ignition is turned on, simply go into your Wi-Fi settings on your Smartphone and search for new Wireless networks. Select and Join the TireHawk Network. (Note your internet will not work while connected to the TireHawk network)

Now all you have to do is open your TireHawk Tyre Pressure Monitoring App on your iPhone or Android device to monitor the status of your tyres.

* Product Specifications subject to change without notice.