4 Wheel External Tyre Pressure & Temperature Monitor (TYREDOG TPMS)

Model: TD-1300A-X4
Barcode: 9335577001947
Brand: Tyredog
Category: TPMS
Website: www.tyredog.com.au

Recommended Use: Cars, 4WD's, Light Commercial (Measures up to 80 PSI)

The TYREDOG TD-1300A-X4 Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitor can support (4) tyres and can be easily installed with ease and within minutes. (D.I.Y)

The User Friendly Graphic Interface (LCD monitor), allows the user to monitor and understand the status of their tyres thus ensuring they are always well maintained.
Correct tyre pressure ensures fuel efficiency, reduces tyre wear, the risk of aquaplaning and lack of traction.

What's included
1 x Monitor / Receiver (inc 2 x AAA Batteries)
4 x Wireless Sensors (inc 4 x CR1632 Batteries)
4 x SecureFit Rings
1 x Suction Cap Mounting Bracket
1 x Cigarette Lighter Power Adaptor
Owner's Manual

* Product Specifications subject to change without notice.