Zylux Celebrates 25 Years

 Zylux Celebrates 25 Years
2016 marks an exciting year for Zylux being our 25th year of operations. It was in 1991 after gaining 10 years of experience at a leading Australian automotive technology company that I had the vision and drive to do it better. It was this vision that inspired the creation of Zylux 25 years ago. Originally serving within the entertainment segment Zylux expanded its product base to automotive technology specialising in OEM applications. Having gained 10 years of prior knowledge within this segment it allowed us to have a strong competitive edge. An edge that has grown us from a single shopfront to having nationwide warehousing facilities providing top quality lifestyle and automotive solutions to the Australian and New Zealand market.

25 years of experience has provided the Zylux team with a deep understanding of the market and allowed us to forge strong, meaningful relationships with industry stakeholders. Relationships that have been built based upon shared success and longevity. Our promise to the brands we represent is to expose and convert potential into success. With several high profile customers acquired over the years including JB Hi-Fi, Repco, Battery World, Mitre 10 and several OEM brands we have been able to ensure the brands that we represent are given the best possible chance at success within the Australian market.

Our dedicated sales team prides themselves on offering an all-encompassing post-purchase service and support to ensure all our customers are left feeling fulfilled with their purchase a week after, a year after and for the whole lifetime of their product.

It is our team's persistence to provide top quality products complemented by unmatched levels of service and support that is what we believe we can derive our 25 years of success and growth from.

Battery Chargers and Maintainers

After 4 years of development and testing the OzCharge battery charger and maintainer was released. An easy to use solution to combat rapidly deteriorating batteries that the everyday driver could use. A solution that would allow the consumer to avoid needing to purchase an expensive new car battery or risk damaging their current battery by charging it incorrectly. Our chargers and maintainers became extremely popular due to the exceptional build quality and ease of use, transitioning OzCharge into one of our leading brands. Our research and development team's exceptional foresight and understanding of the market has allowed us to continually exceed our customer's expectations of a battery charger. Our team is enthusiastically driving innovation within the market and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with battery chargers. Our chargers were one of the first in the world to have an 'Eco Mode' for an ultra-low power consumption mode that adhered to the Californian Battery Charging Standards set in 2012. In 2015 we released the OzCharge Pro Series which features our unique 9-Stage charging process. The smart 9-Stage process first determines the battery's condition to determine whether the rejuvenation stage or charge cycle is required. The rejuvenation stage for batteries in poor condition, it breaks down sulphation using a patented high frequency pulse. Upon completion of the rejuvenation mode the charger then engages the 'soft start' stage where the battery is gradually charged up to a certain voltage to ensure the battery isn't compromised by charging the battery too rapidly. The charger then runs through the remaining stages altering current and voltage at each stage accordingly to maximise the battery life and avoid overcharging. This feature allows you to leave your battery charging all year round without the fear of ever damaging the battery.

Automotive Safety

Knowledge is power and our TPMS's now provide drivers with the information that allow them to act proactively to tyre irregularities before the vehicle is compromised. The safety advantages of our latest TPMS range have been noticed by road safety groups and because of this we were appointed as a sponsor of the Australian Road Safety Conference. At the conference in September we will be showcasing our Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems and highlighting the impact that it can have on reducing the number of accidents on Australian roads. We are proud to be manufacturing and supplying these products to the automotive market, products that can make a substantial difference on the roads, promoting a safer driving environment for all.

Entering the market of road safety devices has been an exciting new step for us and it has shown incredible success that has surpassed all expectations. We believe we have the knowledge and drive to lead innovation within the market of road safety. We are looking forward to what this special 25th year holds for us and for the brands that we represent. This year's catalogue already features many new exciting products and many more on the way. We truly wish to thank all our brands and customers for a great 25 years and for the many more to come.

Sandy Delle-Vergini

Zylux Managing Director