• Naztech MagBuddy

Naztech MagBuddy

Since 1995, Naztech Technologies has provided distinctive lines of leading-edge consumer technology products; perfecting the ultimate blend of form and function. Our global engineering and design teams skillfully incorporate proprietary and patented technologies, precision handcraftsmanship as well as innovative and ergonomic designs, with the most advanced and highest quality materials on the planet. Naztech products include compact high-powered chargers, Bluetooth keyboards and speakers, portable power solutions, as well as waterproof and weatherproof models and accessories designed for reliability, convenience, and utility. Naztech has received numerous awards for design, reliability and functionality, including the prestigious 2012 CES Innovations Award in the Personal Electronics category by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) for Excellence in Design and Engineering. We understand that customer experience transcends the products that people choose to purchase. Our customer service team is passionate about your satisfaction and value any suggestions or feedback. Nothing makes us prouder than releasing a product that evolved from a mere idea shared with us by our consumers and social media followers, and seeing that same idea finally land in the hands of those very same consumers. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed by Naztech. "Motivated by Innovation."

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