• RoadEyes


Improving road safety: this is the mission RoadEyes has set itself. A French company founded in 2011, RoadEyes has a team of European developers responsible for creating software solutions for its whole range of products. Installing a RoadEyesCams unit in your car helps you drive more responsibly and with greater peace of mind. RoadEyesCams products give their users many real benefits, including proof in the event of unforeseen incidents on the road (accidents, broken windscreens, falling objects etc.) and fuel savings thanks to gentler, more eco-responsible driving. Insurers will also be delighted, as RoadEyesCams reduce accident rates and help them handle accidents involving the vehicles they cover. Fleet managers will appreciate having an eye on their fleet and extra safety for their vehicles, and public transport is made safer thanks to a specially designed range of RoadEyes products.

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