Midnite Combiner - 3 Position

Midnite Solar
Model: MN-MNPV3
Barcode: n/a
Brand: Midnite Solar
Category: Midnite Accessory
Website: www.zyluxenergy.com.au

The MNPV3 busbar is designed for circuit breakers only.

PV combiner up to six strings using MNPV breakers rated for 150VDC. 120 amps total output PV combining up to four strings using MNATM6, 10 or 15 touch safe fuse holders rated for 600VDC. DC load centre using MNPV breakers.

  • All aluminium powder coated housing that won't rust
  • Flip up cover that can stay in the open position during installation
  • PV Negative bus bar with 14 useable openings (10 #14-6 and 4#1/0-14)
  • Chassis ground bus bar with 14 useable openings (10 #14-6 and 4#1/0-14)
  • Standard din rail to mount up to 6 breakers or 4 fuse holders
  • Tin plated copper bus bar to combine breaker outputs (MNPV3 busbar may be split in two)
  • Dead front cover snaps into place after wiring is complete for safety
  • Knock outs for PV in and PV out on bottom and sides
  • Top surface is available to bring conduit in from directly above the enclosure
    Note: The plastic dead front fits very tight. You must first remove the lid in order to remove the dead front.

    * Product Specifications subject to change without notice.