Midnite Classic 250V MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Midnite Solar
Model : MN-CLASSIC-250
Barcode : n/a
Brand : Midnite Solar
Category : Solar Charger
Website : www.zyluxenergy.com.au

Midnite Classic 250V MPPT Solar Charge Controller.

- 'Wizard' setup walks you through simple programming.
- Suitable for solar, hydro and wind!
- Three models suit 12V, 24V, 48V, 60V and 72V battery systems.
- Ground Fault protection (as required by the new AS/NZS 5033) and Arc Fault protection come standard.
- Internally parallel-able. No extra hub required.
- Easy to connect and work on - the entire front panel comes off.
- USB port for easy interface and upgrading.
- On board Ethernet allows inspection (and programming) of your system from anywhere in the world.
- 20Mb of data logging means you have superior history analysis.
- Two AUX outputs relays (one can be configured as an input).
- Hyper-VOC allows for safe use in cold environments.
- Battery temperature sensor and USB cable included.
- Backed up locally with a five year warranty by an Australian company with in-house service expertise.

And because a Classic should exist forever, the internal software is always free and infinitely upgradeable via the standard USB port too, making sure you always have the latest features as they become available at no extra cost.

* Product Specifications subject to change without notice.