Midnite Classic 150V MPPT Solar Charge Controller - IEC62109-1 / CEC approved

Midnite Solar
Model : MN-CLASSIC-150
Barcode : n/a
Brand : Midnite Solar
Category : Solar Charger
Website : www.zyluxenergy.com.au

SAA Approval Number: SAA160700.

- 'Wizard' setup walks you through simple programming.
- Suitable for solar, hydro and wind!
- Three models suit 12V, 24V, 48V, 60V and 72V battery systems.
- Ground Fault protection (as required by the new AS/NZS 5033) .
- Internally parallel-able. No extra hub required.
- Easy to connect and work on - the entire front panel comes off.
- USB port for easy interface and upgrading.
- On board Ethernet allows inspection (and programming) of your system from anywhere in the world.
- 20Mb of data logging means you have superior history analysis.
- Two AUX outputs relays (one can be configured as an input).
- Hyper-VOC allows for safe use in cold environments.
- Battery temperature sensor.
- Backed up locally with a five year warranty by an Australian company with in-house service expertise.

* Product Specifications subject to change without notice.